Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rio das Ostras

The season (for me) started last March, 25th., in Rio das Ostras. The beautiful town used to be a fishermen village, and for the last 15 years hosts the meeting Ostrascycles.

Pra├ža da Baleia - Real size Humpback Whale with diver

Nice beaches, the girls were there, lots of MCs.

I wasn't looking for pictures, but this trikes caught my attention. They're homemade, Volkswagen engine (not the old boxer anymore, but the AP, watercooled and turbo), and veeeery low. No big deal, but different.

For us here in Rio, Riding Season starts when summer ends. That's because summer is way too hot to ride, and late March things star to cool down a little. It's rain season, and in this meeting in Rio das Ostras almost every year rains a lot. However, not this year.

Well, that's it for now.

Keep it on two.


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