Thursday, April 8, 2010

And now it´s my turn...

Well, after all the things my dear friend Lord said in the post below, I guess there´s not much left to be said, but I´ll take a shot.

First of all, people around here call me Lobo.

I used to run a Sportster, but I crashed it 01 year ago. Although it could have been fatal (two trucks literally made a sandwich out of me), I was blessed enough to only break an elbow. After 06 long months arguing with the insurance company I finally was able to get the money and buy me a 97 Softail Custom Evolution, which is quite rare around here. But this is a subject I´ll leave to a future post.

As you all know, Brazil is above all a soccer country, not a motorcycle country. We definitely do not have such an intense and, most of all, ingrained biker kulture as you guys in the U.S. and some other countries around the globe. For instance, we have a huge number of MCs around here, but just a few of them live by the book, as it should be. Most of others look and behave more like a group than a club.

Nevertheless, we do have our own passionate motorcycle enthusiasts and people who truly are bikers in the essence of the term.

So that´s what I´ll try to show you, the plurality that can be found here among the brazilian biker kulture. Local bike shops, famous biker builders and their creations, events and bike trips, killer routes and riding areas, in other words, everything bike related.

To finish, you can see below a picture of my FXSTC, just a few months after I bought it (I´ve changed it already). There´s a little tribute I did to this partnership between Lord of Motors and FTWCO.

Keep ridin, ftw...


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