Thursday, April 8, 2010

Please allow me to introduce myself...

I'm a man of wealth and taste...

Call me Lord. That's how people know me here in Brazil.

I live in Rio de Janeiro, purgatory of beauty and chaos. A city with the most beautiful women and wildest crime rates in the world. If you think Irak or Afghanistan are crazy, just spend a week here. But our women don't wear burkas...

My idea is to cover this year's motorcycle events season, going to some of them, taking some pictures, and showing you how it's done here in Brazil.

There are lots of small meetings, and usually they're where people that think the same way join together, have a couple beers, talk shit.

But the "picturesque", the ones that joins the most bizarre and strange people, the ones that I think would be interesting to show you are the "big" ones. They're pretty much the same, but the "fauna" that inhabit these events are what I think you'll find interesting.

I hope you enjoy.


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