Tuesday, May 11, 2010

São Lourenço Drag Race

Two weekends ago, we had the second edition of an event that made a huge success at the end of last year.

It's the Drag Race Megacycle, which was first held in December 2009, in Campinas - São Paulo, and now happened at São Lourenço`s Airport.

São Lourenço is a Brazilian city, in the state of Minas Gerais, in the southeast region of the country, conveniently located at an equal distance from two major cities, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. It`s well known nationwide for its natural beauty and healing mineral waters. That´s why we call it "The Brazilian Capital of Mineral Water Sources".

The economy basis is the tourism, pushed up by the mineral water appraisers and many people looking for calm, pure air and mountain climate. The main tourist spot is the "Parque das Águas" (Water Park) - with its fountains and spa - where the undeniable mineral properties of water, with different characteristics and healthy properties, are used to bring relief and welfare to visitors. There`s also a large green area and a lake where we can rent a small oar boat and enjoy the free time.

In the first edition we could see several bikes, but many of them with few performance modifications. Therefore, the bikers were able to put their skills to the test. Not to mention that it is always best to do this on a track with all the infrastructure and security than on the street.

We can say it was pretty much a group of friends who share the taste for speed and high-performance harley engines, which had the brilliant initiative to start this kind of event.

There's no need to say that when it comes to Harley Davidson drag racing, we are years behind you guys from the U.S. We really don't have that kind of kulture around here, but something tells me that`s about to change. More and more we see people looking forward to upgrade their stock engines.

The customizations are no longer purely aesthetic and begin to be direct in the search for performance. Ported heads, big bore kits, camshafts, pistons, ignition modules, even exhaust systems are increasingly on the agenda to achieve the ultimate torque and horsepower, although this kind of improvement is still very expensive.

Last Saturday´s drag race was pretty amateur indeed, but I can assure you that's why we had so much fun at it. As you can see on the pics, we all played around using our daily bikes, even the ones with ape hangers and saddlebags.

I was waiting for some unofficial videos of the races to be released, as it happened in the first edition of the event, but there are none yet. If I find one out, I´ll post it here too.

All the pics above were taken by André Banyai. In case you guys wanna see more of it, or even photos of the 1st edition of the event, feel free to check out his portfolio at FLICKR.

Keep ridin, ftw...


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